Nashville, Tennessee artist, Starlito and Jacksonville’s own, Mobsquad Nard, Release Their Music Video, “Family to Feed”

Nashville, Tennessee artist, Starlito, has been making a name for himself for awhile now. As he collaborates with Jacksonville’s, Mobsquad Nard, we are covering the two first single off the new album, Hot Chicken.

The video for “Family to Feed,” takes place in Nashville, Tennessee. The two artist come together to discuss their ups and downs throughout life. The video has a lot of symbolism in it, as the Directors, McCain Merren and Jermaine Shute, and producer, Chefry Kitchen, include a cookout scenes throughout the video.

Nard continues to stand tall next to the Southern Legend, if not steal the show entirely with his unique flow & cadences. You can look forward to seeing both these artist linking up more in the future, as their names grow.

Below you can watch the music video for “Family to Feed!”

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