Nas’ Long Awaited Album, Lost Tapes 2 Is Now Here

Nas’ Long Awaited Album, Lost Tapes 2 Is Now Here

Nas has not lost his sparked and continues to be the lyricist and thought-provoking storyteller we all know. The time is finally here after a long battle about the release of Lost Tapes 2 for nearly a decade. The excitement from this album steams from the victory of finally getting this project together and ready for release, Nas and his fans have been waiting entirely too long.

On Friday, July 19 was the debut of the album and it immediately became the topic of discussion, the wait for the album is now over so conversations started to spark. It was no secret that Lost Tapes compilation album was a fan favorite and one of Nas’s best project. Many have hopes that this sequel can continue to live up to its legacy.

Lost Tapes 2 was an album compiled of unleased featured tracks from Nas’s previous studio albums, Nasir, Life Is Good, Untitled, and Hip Hop Is Dead. The credits of the album consist of a talented team of producers such as Kanye West, Swizz Beatz, Pharrell Williams, No I.D., RZA, Hit-Boy, Eric Hudson, DJ Dahi, Pete Rock, and the Alchemist.

Did Lost Tapes 2 live up to your expectations? Was it worth the wait?

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