Naomi Campbell Weighs in on Plus Size Models, Dispels Dating Rumors About Idris Elba & her Love of Acting

Video by YSKSK Media

The very beautiful Naomi Campbell stopped by Sway in the Morning to promote her upcoming book, dropped a few gems about the modeling industry, addresses rumors of her and Idris Elba’s “relationship”, and talked about her love of acting.  Although we would love to call her a supermodel, Naomi says she’s an old school traditional working model that’s completely about hard work and dedication, not about the fame.

When Sway asks about her thoughts on Cheryl Teigs comments towards plus size model Ashley Graham, the British model says “some people are just built bigger, and you don’t know if someone is healthy or not just by how much they weigh…you should be able to model no matter how big or small you are.” *preach Naomi, preachhhh*

Acting is actually her second love, first being modeling of course.  Naomi says she’s still learning: “I take note, I’m very quiet on set, I take note of everything, and I want to listen to the director and take in directions…I’m still learning it all, and I’m grateful for the opportunity”.  You can watch her on Empire every Wednesday on FOX at 9 p.m. EST.

Naomi’s book The Art of Beauty, which are chronological pictures in order of her life, took seven and a half years to make.  She’s also throwing a disco themed launch party, where Sway says he’ll be attending in his all white jumpsuit.  The Art of Beauty will be released April 7.  Check out the full interview below and fall even more in love with Naomi the Great.

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