N.O.R.E. Introduces Sanogram and Tweez Who Spit Fire Over Hazardis Soundz Production

Last week the always funny and insightful N.O.R.E. stopped by the Sway in the Morning studios but he didn’t come alone. After releasing “Drunk Uncle” N.O.R.E. decided to showcase some young talent featured on the project, bringing along Sanogram, Tweez, and Hazardis Soundz to showcase their talent.

After a classic N.O.R.E. introduction Sanogram and Tweez step to the mic to freestyle over production from Hazardis Soundz. Sanogram steps up first and rattles off bar after bar with his incredibly laid back and unique delivery that could put you in a lyrical trance.

Tweez steps up next and steps the tempo up a bit as he kicks smooth raps. Check out the full freestyle session above and keep up with Sanogram, Tweez and Hazardis Soundz on Twitter @SanOGram@forthecheese@HazardisSoundz. You can also find “Dunk Uncle” on iTunes.

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