Murs Discusses Life at Strange Music, Upcoming Album "Have A Nice Life" & Joins The A&R Room with Reef The Streets, Rich Nice and Shaheem Reid

Announcing his decision to sign with Strange Music around a year ago on Shade 45, the one and only Murs is back on Sway In The Morning to discuss life at his new label and upcoming music as he joins the A&R room.

Discussing the different business styles that he has encountered while with Strange Music we hear Murs talk about the success of Tech N9ne and why he is always pushing innovation.  Comparing the rolling out of a new album to seeing presents under the Christmas tree, Murs gives us an inside look at “Have A Nice Life” and plays his single “No More Control” which is a unanimous hit according to the callers.

Continuing with the A&R room we hear some of the latest hits brought forward by Reef The Streets, Rich Nice and Shaheem Reid.  Check out the video below to get ahead of the competition with these big hit records.

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