Murs Breaks Down The Barriers of Important Current Issues in the Video for "No More Control"

Strange Music picked up an all-star when they penned Murs to a deal and the Cali emcee continues to provide quality material while gearing up for his upcoming album “Have A Nice Life.”

Coming at us this week for the video for his lead single “No More Control,” Murs provides a powerful insight into the current issues of police violence and the #BlackLivesMatter movement.  But “No More Control” is much more than just an anthem about police violence, the track and video also outline the notion of black men taking the lives of other black men.

With the line “If black lives matter then black lives matter and the color of the killer shouldn’t even be a factor” sticking out, Murs sets the record straight that the issue lies within the framework of people being killed no matter who pulls the trigger.

Murs joined Sway In The Morning last week and had this to say about the meaning behind “No More Control.”

“It’s just kind of about not letting what people think about you, the color of your skin or what kind of music you listen to control how you behave.”

Make sure to check out the video and hear all of what Murs had to say about the track on Sway In The Morning in his full interview below.

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