Small as a Giant. If we told you that someone 5’3 would have a tremendous impact on the NBA, you’d think we were crazy. Our guest Mugsy Bogues probably heard that often growing up with dreams seemingly larger than him, but that perseverance and belief in himself is exactly what pushed him to becoming the only person of his size to reach the league.

While Sway in the Morning took over Toronto for NBA All Star weekend, the former Raptors point guard expresses exactly what kept him motivated to reach the pro level despite that criticism. Another player that dealt with a lot of criticism although for different reasons was fellow guard Allen Iverson but also had no problem believing in himself remaining confident and comfortable. A note that Sway points out as great advice to artists who pick up a mic, be yourself and let the rest take care of itself.

Enjoy the full interview with Mugsy Bogues below:

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