MTV’s Sway Calloway & Rap Star Problem Congratulate Compton High on Success In “Graduate for Mas” Competition

MTV’s Sway Calloway & Rap Star Problem Congratulate Compton High on Success In “Graduate for Mas” Competition

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Two celebrities made a special visit to Compton High School, which is currently at the top of their region in the nationwide Taco Bell Foundation for Teens’ “Graduate for Mas” graduation pledge challenge.

As a reward for their efforts, especially those of the school’s six “Get Schooled” student ambassadors, MTV/radio personality Sway Calloway and Compton-based rapper Problem personally congratulated the school on tallying over 1,200 graduation pledges. Students also earned points by engaging with the competition’s “Get Schooled” website,

Student Ambassador and 12th-grader Anthony Bernal said he is excited about his school’s success.

“We’ve been going into classrooms talking to students about ‘Graduate for Mas’ and encouraging them to promise that they’ll graduate high school,” he said. “It’s really cool that because of all of us we have Sway and Problem here. I think what’s most important is that we got students to really think about their education. By graduating from high school, it’s enough to inspire someone to apply for college.”

Ninth-grader Guillermo Baltazar was the “Graduate for Mas” top points-earner in the state for the month of December. As a reward for his efforts, he won a Sony Playstation Vita game console. But Baltazar said he also gained knowledge about graduation requirements and college by participating in the competition. “It’s helped me a lot.

It showed me different scholarships I can get,” he noted. “I even learned about scholarships for left-handed people, and luckily, I’m left-handed.”

For Centennial High School alum and rapper Problem (Jason Martin), visiting Compton High to support the academic goals of their students was a no-brainer. “I had to come here. I’m from Compton. It’s beautiful to see all this positivity being celebrated,” he said. The rapper also advised students to make the most of their time in high school. “These four years go by fast. You have no time to waste…you have to really maximize the moment.”

Sway, who also hosts the SiriusXM radio show “Sway in the Morning,” “It’s important for people to see somebody like Problem who grew up the same way they did, and now he’s making it and he’s focused,” he said. “Compton is a beautiful place. There are a lot of talented people. One of the students said all that’s ever talked about is the negativity but we need to balance that with positivity.”



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