Movie Junkie: Us

Movie Junkie: Us

Us is the latest film from the mind of Academy Award winning actor, writer, producer and director Jordan Peele. It’s already on track to break some records at the box office and could potentially have the third highest opening weekend of all-time for a horror film. But enough about the numbers, let’s get straight to what everyone wants to know.

Is the movie good? – Yes

Does it have hidden messages and symbolism? – Yes

Is it really a horror film? – OH YES

There will be blood

There are a lot of fan theories floating around about Get Out and Us being part of a shared cinematic universe that Peele is creating. Whether this is true or not, only time will tell (I didn’t spot any direct connections between the two films). Us is one of those movies where you have to pay close attention to all of the details because one small thing explains something bigger within the plot. There were clues and easter eggs in some of the posters and promo leading up to the release. A lot of people were wondering what was the reason for the gold scissors that Peele was sending to people which are weapons carried by the doppelgängers in the movie. Well, take a look:

See it?

Needless to say the plot definitely keeps you on edge and there are some good jump scares. I also found myself trying to keep count of all the nods to past horror films, such as opening the film on a boardwalk at night which is exactly how The Lost Boys (1987) begins.

There aren’t many characters to keep track of (all the actors portrayed the shadow version of themselves) and I think that was intentional. The Wilson family (Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Shahadi Wright and Evan Alex) only interact with the Tyler Family. This allows you to stay focused on the important things that will help you understand the message within the story.

And speaking of the message….

**Spoiler Alert**

For those of you who just want the ending explained, here is a link to the answers you seek –> CLICK HERE

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