Morris Chestnut Uncut: How TV has Influenced Career More Than Movies, Staying in Acting Classes + Reveals NBA Playoff Picks

Starring in classic films over the years like “The Best Man,” “Boyz N The Hood” and “Think Like A Man,” Morris Chestnut has recently made the jump into television. Appearing on FOX’s “Rosewood,” Chestnut speaks on the series’ incredible impact on his profile, admitting it’s done more than any movie he’s ever starred in.

Before he can even get into the show in detail his comment on watching sports has Heather B and Sway swooning for his playoff picks. Taking LeBron and the Cav’s in the East and the Spurs in the West, Chestnut takes some serious flack from Sway for not having faith in his Warriors.

Moving on Chestnut speaks on frequently being asked about how people should start and maintain their acting careers. Admitting he still frequently sits in on acting classes he opens up about never being able to learn everything from one person. Very sound advice from a man who has kept a steady flow of work throughout his long-time career.

Check out the full interview above and tune into FOX every Wednesday to see “Rosewood.”

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