Hollywood’s leading man, Morris Chestnut is back on Sway in the Morning and this time he brought along his trainer Obi Obadike to talk about their new book “The Cut: Lose Up to 10 pounds in 10 days and Sculpt Your Best Body.” The “Rosewood” star speaks about gaining weight when he was in New York filming for “Nurse Jackie.” He was 30 pounds overweight until he turned to fitness and nutrition expert Obadike. In only 12 weeks, the actor went from 220 pounds to 187 pounds. In their book, Chestnut and Obadike offer audiences a program for beginner, intermediate, and advanced training.

Obadike gives Sway some advice on how to get to his desired weight by detailing a nutrition and work out plan. “What people don’t understand is that nutrition is 80 percent of the battle when it comes to losing weight and staying lean.”

We had Chestnut and Obadike play “Knowledge of Self,” where we gave them lines from Chestnut’s various roles and they had to guess which film it was from. Watch below to see how many they get right.

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