Morris Chestnut Interview: Sanaa Lathan Better Kisser than Regina Hall, #1 Film ‘The Perfect Guy’ and Where His Self-Confidence Comes From

One sure shot way to get the ladies paying attention and tuned in attentively, drop Morris Chestnut‘s name just sit back and watch their reaction!

The longtime actor and star of the #1 film in America ‘The Perfect Guy‘ stopped by Sway in the Morning recently to talk with the crew and was even forced to answer the tough question left by his co-star Sanaa Lathan who was on the show recently as well. Needless to say, we had to get an answer out of him before he left.

While the conversation was full of laughs, it was great to see how he removed the idea of “dark vs. light skin” or even the general insecurities that come from dating someone attractive and the attention that stems from it. While many may not have those issues in particular, the same way of thinking will help a lot of people remove those day to day insecurities and focus on improving themselves, their situation and as a result their lives.

Check out the great conversation with Morris Chestnut below and be sure to check out ‘The Perfect Guy’ in theaters.

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