Mo'Nique Clears Rumors & Brings Empire Emails To Prove It + Talks Homosexuality

There have been rumors floating around about Mo’Nique in regards to the FOX hit show, Empire, and she swings by Sway in the Morning to set the record straight.

Allegedly, Lee Daniels, the director of the popular TV show, Empire, claims Mo’Nique was never considered for the role of Cookie, but Mo humbly brings proof that she indeed was considered — a printed email chain between her and Daniel’s team.

She explains to us that she merely wants the truth to be associated with her name and character. And as far as the rumors go about her being “difficult” or a “diva?” She clears those up too.

“Pay me according to my resume.” Mo’Nique says. “Sometimes ‘no’ can mean you’re difficult. When you’re not used to hearing someone say no, that can appear as if you’re difficult… If we keep accepting those low offers, where does it leave our babies that are coming up? We have to think about those babies who are not here yet.”

Transitioning into her current project, Blackbird, she brings fellow actor Julian Walker to talk about the new film, how it feels to be homosexual as a minority and the importance of unconditional love.

Watch below for more. Blackbird is out this Friday.

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