Monica, Jeezy and Akon Motivate the R&B Crowd with “Hustlers Ambition” Remix

Monica and Jeezy hooked up on his last project ‘Church in the Streets‘ for “Forgive Me” which was a smooth yet rugged jam you never skipped when giving it a run through. We all remember the very first time we heard Young Jeezy and Akon on a track together “Soul Survivor”, it ended up being one of the most memorable tracks of both artists career. So, what happens when all three link up on one track? Greatness.

If you jammed the previous version of Hustler’s Ambition, you’ll be in for a surprise on this one as Mr. Motivation 101 joins Monica. Don’t be let the soft tone fool you, it’s still motivating an entirely different crowd – just with a R&B touch.

Enjoy the new drop from Monica below:

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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