Money & Violence Partner with Jay-Z and Eliminate the Word BITCH from Scripts

Money & Violence Partner with Jay-Z and Eliminate the Word BITCH from Scripts

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There’s a movement coming out of Brooklyn that speaks volumes to hard work paying off. From trying out music to clothing to websites and finally landing on film-making, the creator of “Money & Violence” has just penned a deal with Jay-Z’s TIDAL.

Joining the Sway in the Morning crew with his manager Chris Styles, the creator of the YouTube series turned TIDAL partner, Moise Vernau, speaks on falling into a career in acting, directing, and so much more.

Vernau, who plays Rafe in the series, acts, directs, and edits the episodes after teaching himself these skills through tutorials on YouTube. From starting to post the episodes on YouTube to catching the attention of Jay-Z to bring “Money & Violence” to TIDAL, Vernu and Styles speak on the importance of creative control. Turning down multi-million dollar deals to keep the show their own, Vernau sums up the thought process of the show in one comprehensive thought.

“I created this show to give those that live outside of our neighborhoods an understanding of who we are and why we are the way we are”

Substituting authenticity for entertainment if needed, Vernau and Styles elaborate on using friends as actors as they keep an authentic Brooklyn theme throughout.

With his young daughter acting in several scenes throughout the series, Vernau recalls cringing every time the word bitch was read while going over the script. It was this mindset of having other young girls hear this word that prompted him from removing it entirely from the show.

Bursting with pride and heads held high, Vernau and Styles have created a stunningly real show that gives people an insight into some of the struggles people see day in and day out throughout the world. You can catch episodes of “Money & Violence” on TIDAL and Cloud9 TV. Let us know what you think on Twitter @SwaysUniverse.

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