Money B on Bringing Tupac Around Sway + Wale DJs While Lil Mikey Freestyles

Digital Underground’s Money B and East Oakland’s up and coming rapper Lil Mikey paid a visit to Sway in the Morning.

While jokes are exchanged and old friends catch up, Money B and Sway reveal they once did a song together. Money also talks about the time he brought Tupac to an interview by Sway, and Pac wasn’t too happy about the lack of attention he was getting.

Being around Money B all his life, it took multiple near death experiences for Lil Mikey to want to take a different path than running the streets. It took some time, but Mikey realized it was either a life in jail or bettering his life through music, and he definitely chose the right path. The Bay Area rapper captures our attention with a fire freestyle and Wale makes a surprise visit to the SITM studio and takes over the DJ booth (plus, you might hear a couple of bars from Mr. Folarin himself).

Get familar with some of the Bay area’s finest and make sure you check out Lil Mikey’s new project Crack Spot.

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