Money Ain’t a Thang: DJ Esco and Future Let the “Benjamins Burn” in New Visual

DJ Esco, the coolest DJ on the planet. He’s been there since day one as Future quickly emerged into becoming one of the biggest stars in music enjoying one of the most incredible mixtape win streaks we have ever seen in a year. The amount of music he released last year was insane, every single project seemed to hit the mark and fans ate it up. As 2016 rolled around, everyone wondered how exactly would he be able to follow up on something like that and sustain but their E.T. mixtape answered the question.

The duo is back with a visual behind “Benjamins Burn” giving us more of what the #FutureHive has been asking for all year. If you missed the project, check out below after enjoying the brand new video courtesy of Future Hendrix.

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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