Missy Elliott’s New Album Iconology and #ThrowItBack Video

Missy Elliott’s New Album Iconology and #ThrowItBack Video

Missy is back! We have missed her energy and sound in hip-hop since her last album The Cook Book nearly 14 years ago. Unfortunately, this upcoming generation has no idea the impact she has had in music and culture, but maybe this album will give them an idea. The music icon has surprised us with a 5 track EP titled Iconology, including 2 versions of “Why I Still Love You” and a guest feature from Sum1. There is no surprise that the dynamic duo Missy Elliott and producer Timberland has found themselves working together yet again.

Iconology was a project that allowed Missy to #ThrowItBack and bring back that music that made us feel good and want to dance, is what she wrote on a social media post when revealing the cover art.

Along with the EP, she released a video to “Throw It Back” which consisted of bold visuals and dope choreography. She brought character, energy, and just SLAYED the entire video. There is no doubt that she continues to be a force in a male-dominated industry with a vibe that is unmatched. It is great to see Missy back in the music scene!

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