Missy Elliott Gets iTunes Boost After Incredible Super Bowl Performance, Enjoys 3 Top Ten Singles

Missy Elliott Gets iTunes Boost After Incredible Super Bowl Performance, Enjoys 3 Top Ten Singles

The Super Bowl has a little bit of something for everyone it doesn’t matter if you are a die hard football fan, someone watching strictly for the new commercials or into music awaiting the halftime show. As for the latter, every artist would love an opportunity to perform on one of the largest stages that exist. The combination of creative prop designs, number of viewers worldwide (Super Bowl XLIX with 114.4 million) and increased album/single sales it boasts a well-deserved title as one of the best platforms for music exposure.

This past Sunday, Katy Perry surprised everyone by bringing out one of the most entertaining artists Missy Elliott during her set to perform some of our favorite hits. Showing up with the incredible energy that we have come to expect, she jumped off the guest appearance with “Get Ur Freak On” before leading into “Work It” and “Lose Control”. The surprise factor then turned into shock and enjoyment for Missy as those three songs landed her back on the charts. iTunes announced she had 3 top ten singles as a result of that performance. Typically, a good halftime show will boost sales just because of the exposure it offers. But, this time it is different. A lot of us have been entertained by Missy for years before she had some health issues due to Graves disease but for others it was an introduction. We literally watched the bridging of generations take place on one of the largest platforms firsthand and didn’t realize it until after the fact. Not to over exaggerate the importance of sales, but the idea that some viewers were being introduced to one of the best entertainers for the first time is somewhat mind blowing. But, as they say – better late than never.

Huge congrats goes out to Missy Elliott and much respect to Katy Perry for allowing her to share the stage! Missy took to Twitter to share similar thoughts following the incredible moment:

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