Miss Universe 2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach on Steve Harvey + Sings Karaoke & Shuts Down DB

It’s always a pleasure to have Miss Universe on Sway in the Morning and this year is no exception as Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach joined the show this week.  Taking part in one of the most memorable Miss Universe competitions in recent memory, Wurtzbach has no hard feeling for Steve Harvey and even wants to show him around the Philippines.

From swapping stories of her home country with Sway to speaking on the major attractions in the country, Wurtzbach speaks on how Americanized the Philippines is.  With the competition behind her, Wurtzbach can now focus on her involvement around the world.  Choosing to work with HIV and AIDS relief organizations as well as on cyber bullying campaigns, Wurtzbach is planning to use the extra attention she received from the media to push these campaigns further than she previously thought she could.

We couldn’t let Miss Universe leave without getting to talk about her dating life could we?  Confirming her status as single Wurtzbach says that being in a relationship right now would not be fair to her significant other because of how busy she is.  Even though DB heard her say all of this he still tried to lay down some moves which failed miserably.  Check out the full interview and make sure to follow her on Twitter to give her a karaoke rating!

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  1. I found Sway’s remark very inappropriate that his firstt sexual encounter was with a Filipina in California. He should have just said his first romantic relationship was with a Filipina.

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