In-Studio Series

Minneapolis Rapper Prof Swings By SITM Assuming Full ‘Liability’ as He Crashes the In-Studio “Bar Breaker” Performance

Prof crashes our in studio stage with ‘Liability’.

From the days of burning and pressing CDs up himself with the ink printer labels (real music fans ALL know about those times) to releasing his first official album ‘Liability‘ October 16th, Prof has more than paid his dues – perfecting his style in the meantime. Recently, the Minneapolis artist stopped by Sway in the Morning to talk more about that path and performs “Bar Breaker” in studio.

One of those artists that just has a knack for entertaining whether it be switching up the flow with some singing, outshining the headliner on a tour or presenting crazy visuals like his recent ‘Bar Breaker’ drop. Take notice.

Enjoy the full interview below and be sure to support the ‘Liability’ project via iTunes:


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