Mikey Garcia Talks About Growing Up in A Family of Boxers + Anticipating His Fight Against Adrien Broner

Mikey Garcia Talks About Growing Up in A Family of Boxers + Anticipating His Fight Against Adrien Broner

By Simone Hunter-Hobson

Mikey Garcia stopped by Sway in the Morning to talk about his journey from the tough streets of Oxnard, California to his successful career as a three-weight world champion boxer. Although Garcia has acquired such victory, he is still striving for higher heights with the competition for the fourth-weight champion title.

Being raised in a family household where boxing was a passion influenced Mikey Garcia’s path to the sport. With his father as a boxing trainer and brother as a professional boxer, Mikey Garcia explained, “I never envisioned myself being a boxer myself, but I was around boxing so much that it was second nature to me.” In fact, boxing still remains crucial to the family’s legacy, as his father and brother still handle most of Garcia’s business endeavors.

Mikey Garcia also discussed the impactful presence of the boxing gym that he trained in throughout his youth in Oxnard, California, where gang involvement and violence prevailed throughout the neighborhood. The boxing gym became a safe haven, where many members of the community could develop their skills for the sport and even venture on to a professional commitment.

Much anticipation is stirring for the fight, where Mikey Garcia will face Adrien Broner on July 29th at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. When asked about what this particular fight means to him, Garcia asserted that this fight is “Probably the most important of my career so far… This fight, I think, opens up the doors for bigger fights for me, and I’m taking on the biggest challenges available. I could’ve taken an easier fight – a title defense back home, but that really doesn’t do anything for my legacy or for my career.” With the determination to establish his legacy, Mikey Garcia is not backing down from this challenge and is ready to show the world what he is capable of.

Check out the full interview to hear more about Mikey Garcia’s journey to being a three-weight world champion, preparation for the fight against Broner, and more.

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