SwaySXSW: Mike WiLL Made It Introduces Sway to Rae Sremmurd and K. Camp Freestyles Live

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Mike WiLL Made It has been taking over the production game slowly but surely. His classic and signature sound has got him working with artist of all genres and even up and coming artist. Now, WiLL has his own label and is focusing on bringing his new talent into the game. Rae Sremmurd, Mike WiLL’s artists are putting on for Mississippi by creating a new and independent sound. Also on this edition of Sway in the Morning, the team gets a visit from K. Camp another artist who is riding the radar and making a name for himself. The “Cut Her Off” artist has just signed to Interscope records and will be able to create more music his fans are demanding. Mike WiLL demonstrates what can be achieved with hard work and determination and both of the up and coming artist, K. Camp and Rae Sremmurd are following his work ethic and have promise. Rae Sremmurd and K. Camp both freestyle acapella before heading out.

Watch the full interview + acapella freestyles and comment below.

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