Mike Muse Talks Through Monday’s Presidential Debate and President Obama Being Vetoed For the First Time

Our political analyst Mike Muse has been working overtime this week breaking down Monday’s Presidential Debate. Joining Sway in the Morning again today he opened up about the majority of viewers pinning Clinton as the winner.

Muse breaks down Trump’s key moments like calling out Clinton for her inconsistency when talking about whether or not she supports the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Flipping the script he decodes how big of a hit Trump took during Clinton’s talk of his distaste for women citing his comments about former Ms. Universe contestant Alicia Machado.

Moving his focus to current President Barack Obama, Muse explains Congress’ override of his veto on the 9/11 Victims bill which would lead us to sue Saudi Arabia for their connection to Osama Bin Laden during the attacks.

Muse discusses how this bill would open the door for other countries to sue America for acts of violence abroad. What do you think about this issue? Tweet Mike Muse @iammikemuse with your thoughts.

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