Mike Muse joined the Sway in the Morning studios again this morning to fill the citizens in on what’s happening in the world around us. With the tragic news out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana last night and the killing of Alton Sterling by police, Muse opens up about the need for a nationwide training program for police officers. Having already stressed many times on the importance to vote he speaks on how cases of police violence are brought to court. If you have beef with both presidential candidates the least you can do is vote for local mayors and district attorney’s who handle what happens with police.

Moving to Hillary Clinton’s email scandal Muse gives his opinion on the political implications of what was reported by the FBI even though no criminal charges will be filed.

Finally Muse speaks on Donald Trump and his recent comments over the weekend about Saddam Hussein, praising his efficient killing of terrorists and later calling Iraq Harvard for terrorists.

Listen below and hit Mike Muse up on Twitter @iammikemuse. His question this week is: what are you going to do to go beyond the hashtag and make a different?

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