Mike Muse Previews the Democratic National Convention, Trump’s Possible Ties to Russia & Technology Giving us a Behind The Scenes Look at Politics

Our political analyst Mike Muse joined us via phone this morning on the way to the Democratic National Convention. Starting the conversation off on a somber note while giving his condolences to those that lost their lives last night in Fort Myers, Florida, Muse talks about Trump’s stance to bring law and order back to the country. With the Democratic National Convention starting today he hopes the conversation about gun control is brought back to the forefront.

With news of DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s resignation after emails were posted via WikiLeaks about the party’s support for Clinton, Muse talks about the unrest that may arise during the convention. While CNN is reporting that Wasserman Schultz will no longer be opening the convention, Muse opens up about the possibility of her being boo’d like Ted Cruz was at the RNC. With Sanders slated to speak tonight anything could happen.

Moving on Muse breaks down the rumors of Donald Trump being involved with Russia. As a vocal supporter of Putin he says that Putin may try to influence the election because he thinks Trump would be a good ally for the country. While on the subject of Trump, Muse talks about his new proposal to not only ban Muslims from America but also to place bans on people from countries that have been under attack like France and Germany as of late.

Closing out his talk with Sway, Muse talks technology in politics. Between emails and social media this election has taken voters behind the curtain of the system like never before. He leaves a closing question asking do we need to take more accountability in our government by voting?

Listen below and let Mike Muse know your thoughts on Twitter @iammikemuse.

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