By Simone Hunter – Hobson

Political expert and commentator, Mike Muse, talks on Sway in the Morning about President Trump’s insensitive comments pertaining to recent racial incidents in America.

After President Trump’s speech at Phoenix, Arizona, many citizens of America did not appreciate his defense on his previous statements in regards to the racial riots that occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia. President Trump’s previous message portrayed both sides of the racial riots at fault, instead of directly addressing the inhumane racial bigotry that still remains in the U.S.

Mike Muse explains that the President’s speeches are essential; in fact, Muse states, “If you miss an hour with President Trump, you miss a lot. He makes a lot of news.” Muse further discusses that the President’s words carry much significance, as some of his supporters remain engaged and supported by his comments.

Also addressing President Trump’s comments about NAFTA, Mike Muse also gives details about the President’s expression to potentially terminate NAFTA. As everything unfolds, Mike Muse explains the significance of the political climate which will later be remembered as important history in America.

Tune in to hear more Mike Muse’s analysis of President Trump’s recent comments in the news.

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