Mike Muse Breaks Down the Iowa Caucus: Could the Losers Turn out to be Winners?

With the Iowa caucus’ taking place last night, our resident political analyst Mike Muse joined Sway in the Morning today to give his thoughts on the results.

With Clinton taking the Democratic vote and Ted Cruz taking things on the Republican side, Muse makes it a point to speak on the losers of the race.  His surprise came in the form of Bernie Sanders coming so close to Clinton after he trailed her by so many points in Iowa perviously.

On the Republican side, Muse has little to say about Trump as he goes on about Marco Rubio sweeping up so many votes and only taking third by a slight margin.  Iowa had Mike Huckabee winning in 2008 and Rick Santorum winning in 2012 so the spotlight of these midwest lights is not necessarily the best thing for candidates. Listen to the full conversation below and let Mike Muse know your thoughts by hitting him up on Twitter @iammikemuse.

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