Mike Muse Breaks Down The Heartbreaking Situations in Tulsa and Charlotte + Donald Trump Jr’s Tweet and Wells Fargo Scandal

Once again tragedy has struck our country in the form of police violence. With the recent shooting of Terrance Crutcher in Tulsa along with a shooting in Charlotte currently being investigated our political analyst Mike Muse joins Sway in the Morning.

Muse gets into details of the two violent incidents and what is still left to be determined in each case. Breaking what’s been side be both sides he talks about what else needs to be figured out before things are clear.

Along with these notions of tragedy, Muse talks about Donald Trump Jr’s tweet comparing refugee’s to a bowl of Skittles. Muse tells the listeners about the refugee crisis as well as President Obama’s final UN speech on the matter.

Other subjects covered include the recent Wells Fargo scandal and Elizabeth Warren’s remarks to the CEO on why a criminal investigation should be brought forward.

Muse ends on the Presidential debate coming on Monday and some possible topics of discussion. Listen below and keep up with Mike Muse on Twitter @iammikemuse.

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