Miguel Sits Down With NPR for “Noteworthy” to Discuss Creative Process and Approaching Social Issues with Music

Combining rich rock guitar chords with sensual drums and synth, Miguel has created countless masterpieces over his last 3 studio albums. Sitting down with NPR recently for their Noteworthy series the LA native opened up about his creative process. Citing Salvador Dali and artists alike as inspiration he talks about song ideas turning into full works out art.

Talking about growing up around Venice beach he talks through using his environment as inspiration. Taking advice about always looking for something new to learn he talks about his writing process. While some records take time to develop he reveals that other songs like “Adorn” were fully fleshed out in a matter of hours.

With so much ugliness in the world currently he talks about approaching social issues with music. Stating that his favorite artists weren’t afraid to explore issues he says it’s important to find the balance between informing and preaching.

Listen to the full feature above for more gems like these and watch Miguel’s latest Sway in the Morning interview below.

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