Michael Yo Hits the Stress Factory & Gets His Jeans Stolen Out of His Hotel Room + Speaks On Being Half Black & Asian

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

Michael Yo is on his comedy tour, and in the midst of his stop to the Stress Factory in New Jersey — the man gets all of his jeans stolen from his luggage at his hotel room. Mind you, Michael Yo is 6 feet 3 inches; no average Joe is about to wear these jeans.

After speaking on Tracy G’s “Celebrity Wired” segment, the case of Bobby Shmurda comes into conversation on his current jail situation. In woo of the situation, the crew had to educate Michael Yo on prison survival using toothbrushes as shanks — jokingly, Michael Yo states he would be the one to get banged in jail stating:

I would be somebody’s bitch. I ain’t even gonna lie. Somebody would be bangin’ me in jail.

Michael Yo also chimes in on the inside scoop with Jennifer Aniston and preaches on a man’s game before he says, “I Do.” Michael tells everyone:

Is it the pressure of a man, once he gets tot the point where he’s gonna get married where he’s like ‘I gotta get one in’ … Because a girl told me … ‘Whatever you’re gonna do. Do it before.’ Because it’s a wrap!

Peep this very laid back and interesting conversation between Michael Yo and the crew, below:


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