Michael Kelly Discusses Sparring With Kevin Spacey on "House Of Cards," Meeting The President & Plays the Cold Weather Survival Quiz with DB

With the 3rd season of “House Of Cards” in the books, Michael Kelly, the man responsible for portraying the dark, complicated character of Doug Stamper joins Sway In The Morning to discuss his role in the Netflix original series.

First meeting Sway while playing in a band called Leroy Justice, the two joke about how far they have both come.  The conversation jumps directly into HOC as we hear Kelly’s thoughts on his sparring partner Kevin Spacey.  From watching his processes to joking after the scene has cut, Kelly discusses how he gets into the zone and the importance of ‘being’ and not acting.

We also hear Kelly talk about the killing off of Rachel and how influential she was to the show.  Sway also inquires about details on the 4th season to no avail as Kelly reveals that he had to lie to friends about living in Baltimore due to the show’s executives wanting people to think that his character had died.  Now that’s dedication!

To keep things on the humorous side Sway inquires about Kelly meeting President Obama at the White House Correspondents Dinner while Sway was stuck at the back of the room.  DB also joins the fun to facilitate the ‘cold weather survival quiz’ to correspond with Kelly’s upcoming film “Everest” that will hit theaters on September 18th.

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