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Michael K. Williams on Being Casted to Play Ol’ Dirty Bastard + Pulls from Sway’s Mystery Sack

Through the Wire.

Michael K. Williams, of ‘The Wire‘ and ‘Boardwalk Empire‘, came by to hang out with Heather B and Tracy to give up some game to listeners who are a fan of his work as well as current/aspiring actors. What excites him about getting a new project? How does he go about choosing a script to say yes to? The way a story is written remains one of, if not THE most important factors.

March 2nd will tell kick off a very unique story as he takes on the role of a gay African American Vietnam veteran in ‘Hap and Leonard‘, something that may seem outside of his past appearances but also shows the popular actor’s versatility and growth. Tune in to Sundance Channel at 10pm EST as the new crime-drama takes you on a wild ride, courtesy of novelist Joe R. Lansdale. 

Learn more about the upcoming series and catch a few amazing Ol’ Dirty Bastard stories including the fact Williams was chosen to play his character if/when the film comes to life:

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