Michael Jackson ‘Thriller’ Album 1st to Reach 30x Platinum

Michael Jackson ‘Thriller’ Album 1st to Reach 30x Platinum

The Greatest.

Whether you are measuring the impact of an artist by his connection to the people or by album numbers, Michael Jackson has that covered. If you are factoring talent, years of dedication to greatness and performance ability into the equation of “the greatest” – Michael wins there as well.

Undoubtedly MJ will be forever remembered as one of the icons in music. To further extend the list of accomplishments and records broken, his classic ‘Thriller‘ album has become the first ever album to reach 30x Platinum status (30 million records sold and around 100M worldwide). Yes….THIRTY.

That is an incredible feat even for an artist that seemed bigger than life in Michael Jackson – his legacy definitely continues to grow in a positive way.

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