MGK Rolls Onto ‘The Land’ Soundtrack with “Dopeman”

You have five fingers and couldn’t use them all to count the artists that have a more insane on stage presence that MGK. When you hear the term “Rockstar” and get a mental image of what that performance looks like, he has to come to mind. Cleveland is having a great year after the Cleveland Cavs broke their championship drought and MGK looks to continue the winning steak in his latest addition to an upcoming film “The Land”.

Knowing that he has been heavily apart of the skateboarding community for awhile and manages a unique balance between the “Kick, Push” crowd and hip hop he was an easy choice to land on the soundtrack. After hearing this drop, you get an idea of what the film is centered around. Check out the audio dope below.

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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