Melissa McCarthy Talks About her Criminal Childhood, Sticking with Michelle Darnell Character for 16 Years & Husband Ben Falcone Directing “The Boss”

Video by YSKSK Media

Melissa McCarthy is hands down one of the funniest people in Hollywood, male or female. Morphing herself into show stoping characters time and time again we had to have her through the Sway in the Morning studios to fill us in on her new movie “The Boss” which hits theaters tomorrow, April 8th.

We’ve seen actors wait years to play roles they’ve been visualizing and perfecting in their head and McCarthy’s character Michelle Darnell has been in the works for over 16 years! First bringing her out at the The Groundlings Theatre in LA, coincidently the same place she met her husband, McCarthy reveals there are pictures of her dressed as Michelle Darnell in the theatre from many years back. Falling in love with Darnell’s confidence and unapologetic attitude, McCarthy wishes some of Darnell’s traits would rub off on her.

After going into detail about her character, Michelle Darnell, McCarthy jokes about her criminal childhood. Nabbing a sweater when she was younger along with a candy bar, McCarthy tells the hilarious story of having to go back to pay the clerk. The story is told in true Melissa McCarthy fashion leaving the whole crew in stitches.

Check out the full interview and make to catch “The Boss” in theaters starting tomorrow, April 8th.

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