Melanie Fiona Raw & Real: Opens Up About Giving Birth and Being a Mom

My truth is not your truth, your truth is your truth, live in your truth…

Just two months ago, Melanie Fiona gave birth to her beautiful son, Cameron Lincoln Cotter, with boyfriend Jared Cotter.  While everyone in the public eye paints childbirth and the bounce back as this easy process, Melanie Fiona describes her “truth” during her delivery.

Fiona said she planned on delivering at home, because she believes in natural childbirth, but being 5 days overdue and her boyfriend being very adamant about having a hospital delivery, when she went into labor early morning, she decided to go to the hospital.  When she went in, the doctors noticed she developed preeclampsia (high blood pressure) during her labor, which is very rare.

The doctors suggested a C-section, but Fiona said: “Absolutely not! I will labor here for 45 hours if I have to to get this baby out, I just kept asking if Cameron was okay. How were his levels? And they just kept saying he’s a superstar, his levels are great, you don’t have anything to worry about, he is great.”

The doctors ended up giving her an epidural, which she didn’t plan on having, but it was highly necessary.  After some time, “Jared had to come in one-on-one and look at me, take my hand, look me in the eyes and say, ‘I have to leave the hospital with both of you,’” so she decided to have a C-section.  Fiona says even eating right and exercising throughout her pregnancy, she still dealt with complications.

Post-baby, Fiona experienced postpartum depression and explained, “it didn’t hit me until I came home from the hospital and I was home with my baby. And I was looking at him and there was almost a moment of numbness where I felt like someone gave him to me and was like, ‘Here, here’s this baby, take care of it.’ And I was like, ‘Okay, I guess that’s what I’m supposed to do.’ I was disconnected from the whole process because it just happened”.

All in all, Fiona describes her experience as “by far, the greatest thing she’s ever done with her life”.  Most importantly, she says to new mothers out there “be patient to yourself, be kind to yourself, be forgiving of yourself, and love yourself…love yourself at every stage.”

Watch this refreshing video from the “4 AM” singer below.

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