Melanie Fiona – “I Tried” video

The two-time Grammy Award winner singer/songwriter, Melanie Fiona has released the music video for “I Tried,” bringing continued awareness to social issues including domestic violence, mass shootings, police brutality, rape, racial inequality and human trafficking. “I Tried “ is the second offering to her fans from her upcoming album release titled Awake.

“It is important for me to channel the ideas and concepts I am passionate about into my music and my art… As an artist with a social platform, I feel it is my responsibility to do so. The video for ‘I Tried’ is a tribute to the fight in which we all witness and experience both internally and externally in the world daily. The conversation of important issues should not end when we turn the TV off. I hope this visual sparks emotion, thought, dialogue, reflection, and ultimately, positive change,” explains Melanie.

Watch below and let us know what you think. Grab “I Tried” HERE.

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