Melanie Fiona's New Single, "Bite the Bullet"

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

“Stop playing with loaded guns” 

That’s how Melanie Fiona begins this track; where she metaphorically speaks in regards to the game men play, with the words they speak.

Melanie has just released her new single, “Bite The Bullet” — and it’s intriguingly spot on, in regards to the message of the song.

She continues to sing,

I remember when you said you loved me /

Three little words that burned into my soul /

Maybe you didn’t mean those things you told me /

Maybe you didn’t really mean those words, at all

A bright red background stays static throughout the video, as the lyrics to the tune pop out from a golden bullet that swivels itself throughout the 3 minute and 45 second song. The Canadian native prepares you to “Bite The Bullet,” listen below.


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