Mehki Phifer on Remaking “Roots” and Importance of Educating Younger Generations + “Pandemic” Starting as an Independent Film

Mehki Phifer is legendary on the screen, so legendary that Kanye mistakenly rapped him into “In Too Deep” on the remix of Chief Keef’s “Don’t Like.” Stopping by Sway in the Morning to speak on his new film “”Pandemic” along with the new “Roots” series slated to air on The History Channel, Phifer feels right at home on air with the crew.

Starting with “Pandemic,” Phifer speaks on keeping things fresh at all times while referring to the 1st person filming style of the movie. Directing the cameraman opposite of him during his scenes he speaks on the movie starting off as an independent film before being backed by a studio. Joking with DB about possible epidemic situations in real life, Phifer reveals that he would always want to be the guy in the group with a gun.

Before transitioning into his breakdown of the new “Roots” series on The History Channel, Phifer speaks on the legendary status of “8 Mile” and how he would love to shoot a sequel.

Premiering on Memorial Day 2016, “Roots” will air on The History Channel. Tackling the tast of modernizing Alex Haley’s 1976 book “Roots,” Phifer breaks down the importance of educating younger generations.

You can check out the full interview above and keep up with Mekhi Phifer on Twitter.


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