Meg the Stallion’s SNL Performance Was Everything

Meg the Stallion’s SNL Performance Was Everything

Our designated Queen of the Hot Girls, Megan Thee Stallion used her performance on Saturday Night Live (10/3/2020) to do more than talk about W.A.P. and how Big Ole’ of a freak she might be. The Houston performer and rapper took the opportunity to make a huge political statement to reinforce the protection of Black women and men. 

During the graceful performance of her smash hit “Savage” feat. Beyonce there were sounds of gunshots as the stage went dark. The audio continued in the background, as clips of Malcolm X’s 1962 “Who Taught You to Hate Yourself ” speech played. Ever so eloquently Brother Malcolm orated his viewpoints while Megan raises her right fist to emphasize SAVAGE. Immediately following Malcolm’s speech, a powerful snippet spoken by Tamika Mallory is played to highlight and emphasize the severity of the unjust court ruling in the Breonna Taylor killing, comparing the Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron to the “Negroes who sold our people into slavery.” Megan then took a break from rhyming to tell the audience that: 

“We need to protect our Black women and love our Black women, cause at the end of the day, we need our Black women. We need to protect our Black men and stand up for our Black men, ’cause at the end of the day, we’re tired of seeing hashtags about Black men.”

Megan Thee Stallion

It was evident that her words came from a vulnerable place as she not only lives with the everyday reality of being Black in America but she is fresh off of a serious alleged domestic violence issue in which she announced that she suffered gunshot wounds. 

As Megan heals from the personal matters, 10/3/2020 will stand as the day that the Houston Hot Girl used her voice as a weapon to stand for what is right, and used her body as a symbol for justice and liberation.

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