Meet 19-Year Old Lyricist Craig Gillespie


19 year old lyricist, Craig Gillespie is here.

This self-titled “audio movie” is an in depth look into the evolution of this young man’s life. Speaking vulnerably in the opening track about his parent’s separation, his cousin getting life in prison, and experiencing his share of female drama, Gillespie questioned loyalty and commitment early on, hence his “Trust Issues.” The following tracks illustrate his reactions to those trials and tribulations as he shares his perspective on social issues and defines his ideal woman. An unexpected conclusion, the title track, “Gillespie” describes a brief synopsis of the album, exposing a raw, uncut version of who Gillespie really is.

“My whole purpose is progressing,” said Gillespie. “I went through this and I saw these things. This album embodies the affects of my life during some hard times and the reactions of those times, which made me who I am today…A better me.”

Since his last project, Craigslist, released in 2012, Gillespie has shown that he has evolved tremendously as an artist. Collaborating with some of Southern California’s most talented artists and musicians, Gillespie definitely has something for everyone.

Craig Gillespie is truly a music visionary with a victor’s mentality, whose main gain is to inspire himself and others around him to progress and evolve.

Follow @CraigGMusic & download his project HERE.

You may remember Yancy Deron — one of our contestants of last year’s Wake Up Show Rap Battle — well, Craig is associated with his crew. Reminisce below.

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