Meet 16 Year Old Business Owner, Fashion Designer Jordana Johnson

Video by YSKSK Media

Jordana Brewer Johnson is a 16 year old business owner, graphic artist, and fashion designer that uses her talents to help inspire others.  Starting at 2 or 3 years old, Jordana had a speech problem and used drawing as a way of communicating.  Through her connection with Carlos from FLVR, they were able to start that shows her designs on t-shirts for all ages.  Jordana hopes to make FLVR a live brand while giving representation to people who she feels needs it the most: people of color, people with disability, and people who aren’t seen in a positive light.

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One of her pieces was inspired by A Tribe Called Quest’s Jarobi White, who was also in the studio.


While Sway tried to find out if Jarobi and Phife have anything in the vault being released soon, Jarobi denied, but has assured us that Phife will definitely have more post-hummus music coming out soon.  Plus,’s newest managing editor Skyy Hook joins the crew for Celebrity Wire.  Check out the interview above and head to to order a dope t-shirt.

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