Meek Mill Responds with Second Diss on The Pinkprint Tour, Can He Survive?

Meek Mill Responds with Second Diss on The Pinkprint Tour, Can He Survive?

At this point, there is no way you haven’t heard about the Meek Mill and Drake ongoing “battle” following the “Don’t compare me to Drake, he doesn’t write his own raps” tweet that the Philly rapper shot out. Corporations have taken sides, using both as punchlines of their own – restaurants like Whataburger started a different kind of movement with their tweet. It seems as if everyone is now in on the jokes whether it is a meme, a tweet or providing commentary on Drake’s recent OVO Fest performance using the memes people created as his backdrop. While most have chosen to side with popular opinion and continue to bash Meek, it brings up two things: 1) Is this really even about the music anymore or popularity? The reference tracks do in fact exist which is all Meek was saying to begin with 2) The art of “battling” really has changed.

Everyone at this point has asked themselves, “Can Meek Mill survive this onslaught? How will it affect his career?” It is incredibly ugly at the moment for the Philly rapper but he still remains seemingly calm throughout posting pics on IG nonchalantly like he is not phased. But, we wanted a response and almost needed one in order to believe he could survive – last night in Charlotte we got a taste of Meek’s second diss towards Drake while on The Pinkprint Tour. Although it was not a full blown response on a record like many would’ve hoped for, he had no choice but to respond after Drake took a page out of Jay-Z’s book with the “Summer Jam screen” incident.

Jay-Z knows a little bit about battling and we all vividly remember one of the greatest rap “beefs” in history between him and Nas. Sway asked a similar question during that stretch after the break was over and “The Takeover” dropped – could Nas survive it? Fast forward to 2015, the answer was yes. But will it be the same for Meek Mill? We took the conversation to Facebook recently asking IF he can survive this and HOW will he be able to?

Check out the second diss below and feel free to join in the conversation with your thoughts.

Can Meek Mill survive this “beef?” We talked about this on #SwayInTheMorning. I remember when I heard JAY Z “Takeover” I…

Posted by Sway Calloway on Tuesday, August 4, 2015

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