Meek Mill RAW: Breaks Down Lyrics, Opens Up About Relationship with Nicki Minaj + 5 Fingers of Death Freestyle

Photo and video by Nahgee

Meek Mill is a clear example of making his dreams come true — so it was only right that he title his album, Dreams Worth More Than Money — and talk about it on Sway in the Morning.

With his project officially in-stores, Meek breaks down his lyrics on some of Sway’s favorite tracks off the project, and confirms that one day he’ll be bigger and better than Jay Z.

“I want people to get my lyrics tatted” he tells Sway.

There’s no doubt that Mill is focused. Even telling us about his studio habits.

“We just record. We don’t write nothing down on paper. It just be me and the producer [who made the beat], and we just record.”

During the period of time that he was locked up, he stayed hungry and battled fellow inmates, kept in touch with the bawse, Ricky Ross, and of course his lady, Nicki Minaj. While in-studio with us, he opened up about his jail-time rap stories and how hundreds of men would watch Nicki’s Anaconda video back-to-back-to-back.

On the subject of his woman, he admits that Nicki is guiding him to bigger success. It was even her idea to record Meek’s current single, “All Eyes on Me” featuring Chris Brown!

What about the regular relationship things? Like a true gentleman, Meek likes to pay on their dates. But when the bill comes out to $50k-$60k, he’ll let Nicki go half. Plus, while she was going through her public breakup with Safaree, he gave her solid advice as her friend.

From selling drugs to his school principal, to his international success, Meek Mill is only going up from here. Watch below for more and cop his album, Dreams Worth More Than Money HERE.

Come back to tomorrow to catch his freestyle!! You know we couldn’t let him leave without dropping off a few bars.

[UPDATE] Meek Mill kills the 5 Fingers of Death! The ultimate respect. An A-list MC with a Lion’s Heart. Who’s next??

Watch below.

  1. Nobody like the side line hoe but when its a man people look the other way. I cant help but look at what all Nicki is doing for meeks career and how unsupportive she was of SB like she flaunts Meek off everywhere. Lets see how many people she
    1. makes out with while with meek
    2. How many lap dances she gives other men
    3. How many tracks she will be on dissing her man
    4. How long she will deny her engagement to meek : like she did SB
    5. How many inmates she ill be “supportive of in prison”
    Nicki isnt innocent she is disrespectful and deserved to be dumped. Sb dedicated his life to her career and he wanted exactly what she wanted in fact that was their dream to move to atl and pursue their dreams, but tell me why she was so selfish and never promoted him to the world like she does Meek? She made him look like a fool denied him to the public, and slandered his manhood and career to the world when all he did was build her up and support her even though she wasnt the most appropriate. NIcki wanna play victim but I see right through her!

    1. Since your name is April, I assume you are female, and would’ve thought you would see Nicki Minaj’s perspective. Nicki Minaj did Safaree the favor and brought him along to see her success. Safaree is wack, otherwise he would’ve got signed himself. Nicki did what she had to do to become a successful emcee, and unfortunately the business aspect of being a female rapper is to be seen as a single, dominant force. Safaree knew that, agreed to be her hype man, and had the role of being on the sideline, that’s why she told him to hold off on the engagement. He agreed to it, so if he wants to be upset now, its on him, because it’s the decision he made. Nobody is innocent, but the main thing you should take away from this is that the years they invested together served its purpose, but in the long run it wasn’t gonna work out. Safaree is the one being bitter, and trying to play victim. He became too comfortable, and if you really want to have a strong opinion on their relationship, listen to both sides, watch Nicki’s CRWN interview, she straight up said she only wanted to be respected, and acknowledged for how hard she works, but Safaree began to feel entitled to things he didn’t deserve. Now in 2015, Nicki Minaj wants to grow from her past relationship, she understands that hiding it from the public may only be detrimental in the long run. I wish Nicki and Meek all the best; I’d rather see a power couple, reciprocal in the sense that each make their own money, as opposed to one partner bringing in the checks.

      1. Harold I see your point but I watch all their interviews so yes Ive seen her point of view, Sb isnt bitter she was on wildnout laughing along with the blows! He doesnt want nicki back his song love the most is one of the many songs he put out they been over 8 months now. He cant say anything about nicki or he is bitter. Several artist put out song about their break ups Nicki, too but. When sb does it he is bitter? Thats not fair everyone does it. Sb stood on the side serveral years and had no problem doibg so or didnt even care to take credit for the writting he sometimes did because he made it about her not himself. When she knew from day one he had dreams to be a rapper to. People say he knew what his role was but nicki herself. Said with angie Martinez if he would have stuck to the plan they would have been married with kids right now. Funny how her plan happen with meek in a matter of two months right when meek got out of jail in December. Now all of a sudden shes no longer exclusively dating. I wanna see what man puts up with all the disrespect she did to sb and still sticks around. It may have been a choice he made but having got out of that and making it is “his business to follow his dream” is respectable, their relationship was toxic and him leaving Nicki was a decision he made based off of self reflection. He felt like he wasn’t given the respect he deserved and even if it meant she would bash him and his career he still took the chance because he always wanted more! He didnt want her paying all the bills he wanted to be a man to her but she didnt want to see him rise she just want him to focus on her and her career and he did 12 years he held her down. Dont say he didnt do shit he went everywhere with her she wasn’t alone he was there every step of the way. Had nicki not been promoting meeks music on tour or EVEN got on the mix he would be an underground artist for the most part Nicki is building his career higher than he could. Thats what gets me how now she wants to believe her partner, its sick! Nicki wants to say he cheated meek himself writes about how they always had feelings hah like you think she wasnt f-ing meek on the side? Sb didnt deny it either he replied to tmz show me a man that doesnt cheat? Meek cheated on his ex wife btw give it 12 years meek will be gone! Nicki wants out the industry she wants kids but meek has just began and he is running outta rhymes.

        1. April, I appreciate your response, but if you are going to watch all of their interviews and videos, and still make incorrect statements, they aren’t wanted. Nicki Minaj was never on Wildn’Out. Safaree does not write Nicki Minaj’s raps, maybe he’d give her a punchline or two, that was it. Every rapper gets input from people close to them, even if its only an opinion. Of course Safaree had aspirations to be a rapper as well, but he was not skilled enough to get signed. Another member of HoodStarz, the old group Nicki and Safaree were in even said that in an interview. Go look it up. Just listen to his mixtape; its all over, weak bars, and its very A-B-C. April, you should re-watch the Angie Martinez interview, you completely threw Nicki’s statements out of context. Nicki said had she not been in the music business, they would have married and had kids. She also said she wished everyone would have held up their end of the bargain, (Safaree agreed to be the hypeman, and play the sidelines), but some people see bright lights and it changes them. She made it more than clear that their new wealth changed him specifically. I don’t think you listened to Meek’s new album either, on Bad for You, he speaks about their relationship, 2 years, not months after he gets out of jail. Where are you getting your information from? He didn’t want Nicki paying all the bills, yet in Nicki’s CRWN interview she straight up said it was just her giving, giving and giving, and he began to feel entitled, as I earlier said. Nicki said she would be up in the morning 3-4 hours before him, working, while he’s asleep, and when he gets up, he goes to the gym, yet she still works, and was ok with it. Safaree just wanted more than he deserved. She did also say what she did financially, he gave her back by being there for her. As an adult, you should see that she basically covered his ass there. Why didn’t he respond to that then, or why didn’t he respond to the cheating allegations? What are you talking about Nicki building Meek’s career? His first album went #2… Refer to my previous comment to see my response to why Nicki is public with her and Meek’s relationship. April, I wish you all the best, you are a SB dickrider, and this conversation is over. Don’t bother responding, because I won’t see it.

          1. Dude needs to stop crying and stop being a bitch.They was already over and dude raps is wack he cant blame Nicki for that.

    2. I agree 100% with you on that. Dude, Sb came out with that dope mixtape & where the f was Nicki shouting it out? NOWHERE. Sb put his dreams aside to give Nicki that support she needed & wanted as a TRUE G. Meek comes out with his Album, & Nicki is all “go pre order Meeks Album”, like dammmmm tf…. wow. I respect her hustle, but that’s family right there.

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  3. Dude needs to stop crying and stop being a bitch.They was already over and dude raps is wack he cant blame Nicki for that.The truth is dude got paid for being Nicki back up singer.Nicki has talent dude is garbage.People break up what is she suppose to do remain in a bad relationship for the public hell no she deserves happiness too.Nicki did not want to say, that relationship was over worried about the public.To hell with that she deserves to be happy.Before you bitches judge her try go through a 12 year relationship their is no happiness your in it for other people feelings not your own than judge.Safaree is a grown man he has jewelry, cars, and Nicki name to ride on because he feel like she’s obligated too, hell no its not fair dude got his share now move on.That dude know exactly what he doing why not make a mixtape that dude ate too now a certain few mad because their over.Meek loves Nicki.Get over it..

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