Meek Mill Finally Responds in "Wanna Know"

The music fan in all of us has been waiting for Meek Mill‘s response after non-stop jokes and slander that followed Drake‘s “Charged Up” and “Back to Back“. With his Pinkprint Tour with Nicki Minaj in full swing and a trip to Canada on the way, you have to respect his decision to still perform and put on a great although short set.

But make no mistake Meek grew up battle rapping and when you look at his journey to reach this point – you knew a response was going to come. Drake has been well known when it comes to calculated moves with his music but what has been underestimated is the reward vs. risk for Meek at this point. He’s playing at his pace right now. Is it too late though?

Take a listen to the response from Meek Mill “Wanna Know” below:

  1. OFF THE RIP, THE SHIT WAS TRASH , A HOT BUCKET OF COLD SHIT. he should have released the record wrapped around a cardboard roll and two ply so i can whipe my ass with it . first off , money what is on ya mind right now ? huh … huh really a drake dis track , – let me help ya home boy ok, pay attention . THE DIS IS NOT RESPONDING TO HIS HERB ASS !!!!!! Especially not with a boaring rebuttal with you mumbling like a schizo with no flow on a track that sounded like the shit was done on reason.
    HipHop Dis Responce 101 – 1) always use production thats bananas , basicly the beat should be Remix material – the point is to shut then down on note one (I.E. LL’s Jack The Ripper , Nas’ Ether)
    then again the same rules dont apply here being that this is RAP . That right i dont care about this wack shit. ONE
    Hip Hop < rap two completely different worlds ! Remember that . STOP GETTING THESE ELEMENTS MIXED UP .

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