Meek Mill is About To "Check" You If You Don't Come Correct

Meek Mill is About To "Check" You If You Don't Come Correct

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

Meek Mill is hurtling down the road toward the release of his upcoming album, Dreams Worth More Than Money and in his race to the finish line, he has just given us a new track titled, “Check.”

Coming only a week after his Chinx tribute “Miss My Dawgs” and the videos he shared for “Monster” and “Energy”; “Check” was produced by ATL big dogs, Metro Boomin and Southside, so you know it’s going to be a banger.

The track bumps with good percussion as he raps:

“ Look at these at all these young n*gga’s flexin’ from the bottom …

Kumping out them Raris n-gga do we have a problem? /

They say we aint ’bout it, wonder why they never tried us ”

Maybach Music Group‘s Philly boy, has done it again with this one. Meek provides some words for kids trying to come up as he makes sure to check them and spit:

” Young Philly n*gga f*ck a check up on your main ho/

Busting down the Rollie diamond dealing like a rainbow/

I do what I want to I go places that you can’t go

Listen to “Check” by Meek Mill, under the Premiere of legend Funk Master Flex:

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