Megan Good and DeVon Franklin Talk Being Celibate and Being Freaky! Past Relationship Baggage and Faith

Video by YSKSK Media

One of the most grounded, faith driven relationships in a popularity based culture which often promotes the exact opposite is without a doubt Meagan Good and Devon Franklin.

The power couple recently stopped by Sway in the Morning, to speak not only on their relationship that has become a testimony in itself showing a true transformation but also provide guidelines and tips to those that can apply it. One of those things many shy away from discussing is abstinence and celibacy, the difference between the two and what can be used in order to stay focused on that tempting path.

‘The Wait’ not only covers items that hinder growth in a relationship as a couple as well as an individual but addresses the questions you may have during that confusing, uncomfortable time of being stretched into your full capacity to love. Love Yourself. Love Others. Love this interview:

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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