Master P Celebrates 20 Years of the “Ice Cream Man” Album, Recalls Gun Jamming After a Club Altercation, Turning Down a Deal with Jimmy Iovine + Introduces the No Limit Boys

Video by YSKSK Media

Stop and listen, it’s the sound of 20 years of success. The sound of the “Ice Cream Man” rings clear to this day behind the incredible success of one of the smartest men in music, the one and only Master P. Joining the Sway in the Morning crew to speak on this legendary body of work and how it came about, P opens up about everything from distribution to almost getting locked up before the album ever came about.

Opening up about turning his life around, Master P recalls a night that could have changed his life forever. After one of his friends got into an altercation at an Oakland club, Master P grabbed his gun and went straight for the man who started the fight. Having his gun jam not once, not twice, but three times, P knew that he was put on the earth to make music and not get caught up in prison.

Crafting out his own lane and learning to not only deal with the streets but corporate America also, he speaks on turning down a deal with Jimmy Iovine and Intercope Records for a million dollars. Selling CD’s out of the back of his car and rounding up a street team, “Ice Cream Man” took off like no label ever thought it would.

After telling his story and recalling the times before “Ice Cream Man,” Master P turns the attention to his group No Limit Boys composed of Moe Roy, Lambo and Ace B, they all speak on their come up, linking with Master P and perform their song “To The Top” with infectious energy.

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