Master P Reveals Upcoming ‘No Limit’ Doc, Educating Generations Through Masterclass + Luxury Sneaker, MoneYatti

Master P Reveals Upcoming ‘No Limit’ Doc, Educating Generations Through Masterclass + Luxury Sneaker, MoneYatti

Master of marketing, guru of getting the bag, the notable Master P came though Sway’s Universe to update us on his most recent endeavors and his hopes for future generations. From his impending movie production of ‘Get Da Bag’ starring a female cast, to his upcoming release of his upscale sneakers the MoneYatti, the No Limit boss is most definitely making moves towards continued success and growth.

Retailing at $799, the MoneYatti’s were created to be the next luxury sneaker— considering there are not many people of color coming from the hood who have aspired to have products in the same category as Versace or Balenciaga, for example. Master P wants people to invest in their communities the same way they’d do so for other established brands, indicating that supporting our own is what sustains success for all involved.

Aside from the pending release of ‘Get Da Bag,’ a ‘No Limit’ documentary is set to come out January 2020— noting that his brother C-Murder will be included but is not a part of the overall film. Music is still obviously a heavy influence for the “Ice Cream Man” rapper, with his latest drop being the Jeezy-assisted track “Gone.” Starting October 9, Master P has also decided to release 100 songs in 100 days, with artists ranging from well-known to those yet-to-be discovered. This move seeks to give upcoming artists and producers more access to opportunities in the music industry.

Throughout the interview, the theme remains constant for Master P— continuously emphasizing the importance of education, and taking the time to study and learn about finances. Without this foundation, the multi-hyphenate notes is the reason for the downfall of many people (particularly athletes) who are not informed or educated on managing their money properly. Master P finds purpose in helping to educate the next generation in order to break the poverty cycle that strikes communities who lack resources. With this in mind, he will be conducting a masterclass in New York on October 5th, discussing the power of educating ourselves, using our gains to invest back in ourselves and community, eventually passing on that knowledge onto others. Master P credits the power of words, a positive mindset, and his faith to what has aided him in his career, continuing to advocate this mentality throughout his profession.

Master P’s Millionaire Mastery Business & Marketing masterclass will be held on October 5th, tickets are available for purchase until September 20 here.

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    Love the piece! I love to support the kinds of people who make strides to improve the world around them like Master P does. Thank you for shining a light on this figure

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